Inspection Services:

CQS inspectors assure the quality of the ordered equipment by our clients to the specified requirements, practices and standards. 

This is done through our vast network of qualified (ARAMCO Approved) quality inspectors in Scandinavia.

  • Pre-meeting Inspection.
  • Raw Material Inspection.
  • In-process Manufacturing Inspection.
    • Witnessing of tests (NDT & DT)
    • Witnessing of Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT)
    • Witnessing of Dimensional Checks
  • Final Inspection.
  • Packing Inspection.
  • Loading Inspection.

Expediting Service:

CQS expeditors assess the progress of the productions activities in suppliers’ sites by performing regular visits to inform the clients of probable delays and possible remedies via prompt reports. 

Our expediting services take place in the following stages:

  • Order Acknowledgment.
  • Engineering
  • Sub-ordering Material
  • Manufacturing
  • Inspection
  • Packing & Shipping